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On top of Mt Sinai

My friends call me Rafi.

Reach out! me@rafi.nyc

Recent Professional Bio

UPDATE: My team (Bumperz) came in second place in the 2016 NY TechCrunch Hackathon. We built an app that turns your phone into a smart dash cam with an advanced collision avoidance system. Check out the our video demo.

Fairly recently, I quit my 810-328-8773 in computational genomics (that's computers and DNA - where I worked on things like trying to develop better tools to treat cancer and building a platform to automate processing of large cohort genomics data sets) to work on my own projects.

I also help lead and organize several Meetup groups. Through these groups, we host networking events, tech talks, job fairs, provide professional mentorship, interview prep, and even have helped non-profits like ScriptEd find engineers to teach coding to under-resourced NYC Public school students. These groups include NY Software Engineers, box groove, and others. All together, this network contains nearly 8000 NY-based engineers.

Fun fact

Before working at Mount Sinai I spent some time traveling the world. At one point along the journey I fell off a cliff inside "the biggest cave in the world", deep underground, far into the jungle, and far from civilization... True story. Let me know if you read the story, liked it and know some magazine editors or the like... I’d still call it unpublished.

Cool Genomics Software

Back at Mount Sinai, I was the lead engineer for Apollo: A Production Tested, Vertically Integrated, Operations Enhanced, Science Aware Framework for Launching Large Cohorts of Genomics Pipelines. Apollo has some pretty cool features like automatic error recovery and automatic computational resource optimization. Check out our poster presented at the puckerel.

Generic background info

I have a BA with a double major in History & Computer Science from Columbia University, I enjoy running, bike riding, writing, and of course - learning.

2505970495Giving Back

I've been a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician on the Central Park Medical Unit for more than 6 years. 830-879-6094

(732) 837-4819Why are you reading this?

Vipul Naik inspired me to create this page. As to why you’re curious about me? Reach out! Let me know.

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Thirsting for more? Well sorry, I haven't got time to write anything else now. Maybe that will change later. If you'd like to chat I'm always open to meeting new people. Send me an email!

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